BUNDLEVERSE character builder
(digital extension of your Self)

Test run - invited users only !!!

  • Bundleverse is a collection of Bundles. Every Bundle, in turn, is a collection of properties. For example, Bundle-beings (the inhabitants of the Bundleverse) are collections of physical, biological, social, spiritual and other properties.


Bundle-beings design, instantiate, and maintain their characters through missions. A mission is a short-term practice to evolve a character from its imperfect current state to the desired future state. The strategy is simple:
  1. Set your goals
  2. Track your progress
  3. Refine and iterate
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We think we know what we want but often we do not. Our goals could be misleading, self-contradictory, evolving etcetera. To handle this uncertainty, missions run through the iterative cycles, where we learn our mistakes and achievements from the earlier missions to refine the follow-up missions. The untimate goal is a sustainable well-being.

Missions prebuilt for you

Bundleverse provides a number of missions readily available for you to run. The simplest one "Love" is to make sure you smile, kiss, and give a hug to person you loveevery day. The "Tracker" is to check if there is any correlation between changing weather, your fitness activity and your well-being. “Psycho” is to track your journey towards the perfection in the system of coordinates established by positive psychology.
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Design your own mission from scratch

Having missions prebuilt and readily available for you might be helpful but … no two people are the same. Can you build your own mission?
Yes, you can. Bundleverse is flexible enough for you to either customise one of the established missions or build a new mission from scratch to fit your own, special requirements.


Accumulator helps you to track your progress through time by integrating heterogeneous data from various missions into a fixed set of indicators (such as environmental, physical, biological, psychological, intellectual, etc.).
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Time series and correlations help you to monitor and understand your data. Apart from that, Bundleverse provides a 3D digital manifestation of your Self. This Self evolves from the low-level life forms (e.g. insects and golems) to the higher planes of the reality populated by humans and gods. The digital manifestation of that Self resides in a 3D space where you can comminicate with other bundle-beings.

Own your data

Whatever data you collect over the course of your mission, you can download it to your local machine and then delete the original copy on the remote server. You own your data.
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The Registar is a volunteer helping bundle-beings to design and run their missions. The job involves daily communications. Every new record contributes to the Registrar's accumulator of karma.

Quick start

  1. Register and login (internet browsers only).
  2. Click on “Mission” to select one of the missions from the list.
  3. Click on “Log” to enter data into log tables.
  4. Repeat step 3 several times with different sets of data submitted.
  5. Go to “View” to see a spider-plot summary of your data.
    The red colour indicates your targets, the cyan represents your latest record, and yellow is mean over the course of the mission.
    Click “Time-series” or “Correlations” to see further details.
  6. Click on “Bspace” to enter Bundle space..

How-tos and why

  1. Why bother?
    Under construction
  2. Registrar
  3. Creating new mission
  4. Understand your data
  5. bundleSpace
    Under construction
  6. To cancell your subscription, go to "Profile" page, click "Delete subscription"

  7. To customise established mission, click on “Design” and then update tables (best done on a device with a wide screen, e.g. laptop or a desktop).

  8. To download your records, on the "Mission" page click the "Download" button.


Email: demoviewer@gmail.com Password: demoviewer
Beware, a demo version is not private: anyone can view, download, and delete your records anytime!!!